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Tax Form

Easy Tax Quiestionnaire

Easy Tax Quiestionnaire

Info needed to generate tax return

i.e., Jr., III
Social Security Number
Address *
.e., Jr., III
Number of dependents you're claiming.


Add as many dependents as needed by clicking "Add" below. If you answered 0 to the dependents questions on the previous page, just click "Next" below to proceed.

Please enter full name
Please enter full name
i.e., Jr., III
Please enter social security number
If you made $300 from one employer and $300 from a different employer you would answer "No" to this question. Answer "Yes" only if you made at least $600 from any one single employer where you worked as a subcontractor.

Form Uploads

Please upload all your files in the correct upload section. You can upload multiple files in a section. For example, you worked 2 jobs this year and have two W-2 forms. You can upload both of them in the W-2 form upload section. If you do not see any upload sections below that is because you answered questions earlier that do not indicate a form is needed. Click "Next" below to proceed to the next section.
Please upload both the front and back of your driver's license
Upload all your W-2 forms here for jobs worked in tax year 2020.
This form is to report the interest you paid on your mortgage. More info about this form
This form provides information about educational expenses that may qualify the student—or the student's parents or guardian, if the student is still a dependent—for education-related tax credits. More information about this form
You should receive a Form 1-99-MISC from each employer that you worked for as a subcontractor and were paid $600 or more in tax year 2020. More info about this form

Financial Institution Information